Avinash Raina was a special student, one who will live long in the memory of those he encountered during his four years at Stagg High School.  Although he was accomplished in a number of academic areas, he was particularly strong member of the Stagg Line newspaper staff. He was, in fact, one of few students ever to be a staff member all four years, until his graduation in 1997.  He was both Features and Opinion page editor.  It was as an opinion writer that he really made his mark.  Not only did he write powerful editorials — the one about the move policy is still in the Journalism 1-2 textbook — but he also wrote frequently on social issues and political topics, sometimes for the Stagg Line and sometimes for The Record.  He went on to be a staff member and leader of his college newspaper at Williams College.  The last work published by Avi was a memorable and moving piece about life after Sept. 11.   It was printed within two months of his death.

Avi died of Cancer after a long struggle.  Not only do his words live on but so will this scholarship, which is in existence largely because of the generosity of his parents.

The foundation rewards one of the Stagg Line Senior Editor’s with the a scholarship.  The choice of the recipient will be based on three pieces of opinion writing.  They could have been written this year of in a previous year.

Name  Eligibility Qualifications Procedure for Application and Award
Avi Raina Memorial Journalism Scholarship Graduating Senior from Stagg High School who held a leadership position on the Stagg Line Newspaper. 1. Boy or Girl

2. Minimum 3.0 GPA

3. At Least one year serving in any leadership position on Stagg Line Student Newspaper.

4. Portfolio of significant opinion writings.

1. Submit SUSD scholarship packet by deadline.

2. Submit three strong opinion pieces (editorials or columns) to the journalism teacher by the same deadline.

3. Selection made by scholarship commitee working with journalism teacher.

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