In his short span of life Avi made an impact on so many people that it is hard to describe him. How would one describe Avi? Was he an ideal child, a caring grandchild, a trusted friend or a highly intellectual person? He was all of the above and more, and therefore, the only way of describing him would be “a perfect human being.”

To describe Avi’s personality one would have to look through so many eyes. He had a ready smile and helping hand for everyone. He was so comforting to his grandfather that his grandfather believed that his day will go well only if he sees Avi’s face in the morning before seeing anyone else. Avi patience was unbelievable that he never got upset when his grandfather would come at 4 AM to see his face. His love for his grandmother was unending up to his last breath. His parents never heard the word no in his teenage years. He was always told that he should learn to say “No”. Avi was a think tank. It was amazing to see his passion for writing and expressing his views. He wrote an article “American of all Colors” at the peak of his illness when he was battling with pain and cancer. The article was about senseless killing of Asians after September 11th. The article was published by Stockton Record and his college newspaper. He was a voracious reader and had knowledge about every field. His reading interest varied from cartoons, sports, and technology to international politics. His contribution as sports editor in the college newspaper was amazing. His college news paper director was amazed at how Avi was willing to try his hands at writing about any topic-students, faculty, events, biology, art, history and others.

Avi by nature might have been reserved but his interaction with his friends was very good. One of his friends describes attributes of his personality as “the seriousness with which he took the friendship, the determination he gave to studies and the fairness with which he dealt with other people and opposing views.”

 Another friend describes him as “very tolerant and easy going person.” According to him, underneath the quiet veneer that took so much effort to get beyond, he was always observing, and the fact would become clear on rear occasions when he would speak his mind. He had sly sense of humor, made richer because he rarely employed it.

One of Avi’s friend’s favorite moments about Avi at Williams College was when he was given the lead role in an informational film for their final astronomy project during winter studies. As per him, then informational film -noir entitled ” Sundials: dials of the sun “Avi was given the lead role of  a hardboiled detective who spouts information about sundials, while getting involved in a plot with scenes that resemble Gilda, Laura, Pulp fiction, strangers on the train, The Maltese fiction and other noirs and neo-noirs. It was a perfect casting, since he himself had many of the traits of hard-boiled detective: he showed little emotion, had a tough outer shell and he talked straight. It was also an exemplary mark of Avi’s generosity that he gave time to help my friends with their project. The script required Avi to play straight man to all sorts of insanity including seduction by me as the femme fatale. Avi most memorable line was “when I think of sundials, I think of sex. ”  He delivered that line in such a manner that one had to see it to truly appreciate his brilliance. Avi was playing his role, but he was also just being himself. This patience and smile did not leave him till the end even under intense pain and trauma.

Avi attended Stagg High School in Stockton California and graduated Stagg in 1997 as a salutatorian.  He was a national merit finalist, nationally ranked debater, editor of his high school and college newspaper and winner of other countless awards. His humility wad equanimity in happiness and sorrow was and still is awe inspiring to people who knew him.  He was indulged in sports, though he himself did not play much.  His knowledge of sports, politics, and statistics earned him an esteemed position among his elks.  To his family, “The Simpsons” became more hilarious, more poignant as he recorded special episodes he thought the family would enjoy.

The capacity to love and impress both old and young alike was Avi’s specialty.  His favorite food was pizza, and his acute sense of taste was astonishing.  He could pick out a single piece of onion in the whole load of bread.

There is so much to Avi that we did not know about.  His stints as a rap singer on the college radio, to his playing a leading role in one of the college plays were the side we probably would never have known.  For us, he was an introvert but thinking back probably just modest for whatever he had achieved at such a young age.  We used to call him a gentle giant, but seeing the patience and strength he showed during the ordeal makes us think he was more of a saint.

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